“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” –
Benjamin Disraeli

The lifestyle that yachting affords is unlike anything else. Owning or chartering a yacht provides the finest experience of being at sea that one can achieve. It is the ultimate reward for your hard-earned success and provides the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor and to share unforgettable experiences with the people you love most.

Those who own or charter yachts are actively seeking deeper, more unique and personalized experiences. A yacht incorporates the best of the privacy and customization of a holiday home with the ability to move virtually wherever you dream of going. It broadens your capabilities for endless exploration and places you right in the center of the magic of every destination you visit.

Imagine the ultimate peace of spending the night anchored in a picture-perfect cove in the Caribbean surrounded by nothing more than the starry sky above, the clear blue water below and a deserted white sand beach just within swimming distance in the morning. Or cruising through the wilderness of Alaska’s Inside Passage surrounded by towering green mountains, ancient glaciers and breathtaking waterfalls, the sound of breaching whales the only thing breaking the awe-filled silence. Imagine the sense of satisfaction you’ll feel watching your children and grandchildren make lifelong memories fishing, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking right off the swim platform of your yacht. When you pull into a world class city like New York, Monte Carlo, or Copenhagen, you’ll experience it from the most enviable location, better than any waterfront hotel.

Let a yacht be your muse and transport you to a space where you can relax, explore and experience life to the fullest in style and luxury.


“There was never a great man yet who spent all his life inland.”
– Herman Melville

The quintessential summer yachting destination in America, the North East of the US is steeped in a rich boating tradition. This region offers an idyllic mix of luxury and relaxation, including lively cities, quaint villages, and stunning coastal scenery.

new york

New York

Dock front and center in Manhattan’s prestigious financial district, Battery park. Enjoy appetizers and dinner on the sundeck of your yacht overlooking the bustling city. Spend your days taking in Broadway shows, laughing in comedy hubs or just shopping in luxury boutiques. Enjoy a cocktail cruise down the Hudson river and bask in the historical sights of the Statue of Liberty alongside loved ones for an unforgettable experience. The Hamptons including Sag Harbor are only a short boat ride away on Long Island’s eastern shore. A string of seaside communities, The Hamptons are marked by long stretches of beach, 18th century towns and villages, characteristic shingle homes, and of course high-end restaurants and bars as well as designer boutiques galore.


Explore some of the 25 low-lying Norwalk islands in Connecticut. The Norwalk islands are a playground for yachties, bird watchers, beach bums and campers alike. A cluster of nifty coves, beautiful waterfront parks, and over 500 mooring locations, make this location a favorite amongst local boaters.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Newport is synonymous with summer yachting in the US. The town has been a playground for America’s elite since the 19th century when the robber barons built their “summer cottages” there. Newport is home to historical sites, rugged coastlines and some of the best seafood in the world! Sample oysters, sip rosé and laugh with friends in the beautiful coastal setting. Some of the hidden gems in Rhode Island, include Mackerel Cove in Jamestown, where the Newport elite escape to enjoy the warm waters in stunning protected anchorages. Surfers flood Ruggles, a quality wave off a reef on the rocky coastline.


Between Boston, Cape Cod, and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Massachusetts is home to some of the most iconic yachting destinations in the world. It’s hard to imagine a more charming, historic, or luxurious location in which to enjoy your boat during the perfect New England summer.



Maine’s rugged and stunning coastline extends more than 3400 miles. Portland is home to countless health-conscious and artistic characters. With a bustling art and music scene and streets littered with coffee shops and breweries, Portland is a hotspot for tourists and yacht owners alike. If you’re less interested in the city and more passionate about the great outdoors, Monhegan Island is home to incredible hiking trails, nature preserves and exclusive as it is only accessible by boat.


“No literature is richer than that of the sea. No story is more enthralling, no tradition is more secure.”
― Felix Riesenberg

Named “baja mar” or “shallow sea” by Christopher Columbus, the Bahamas offers some of the most stunning crystal-clear blue waters and sunbaked white sand beaches to be found anywhere in the world. With over 700 islands and innumerable tiny cays offering sheltered cruising, there’s practically now end to the adventures that can be had in the Bahamas.


The Exumas

The Exumas are a favorite cluster of islands amongst boaters for their impeccable water and gorgeous anchorages. These picturesque locations are easily accessible within close proximity of Florida. In the Exumas, you’ll feel as though you’re cruising in an aquarium with schools of tropical fish clearly visible just beneath the surface of the water. Pet nurse sharks when the tide comes in at Compass Cay. Enjoy the best conch fritters in the Bahamas at Highborne Cay. Cruise to the uninhabited Big Major’s Cay and visit the “swimming pigs”. Snorkel in the shimmering rays of sunlight that shine through the opening into Thunderball Grotto off Staniel Cay. Anchor in The Pirate’s Lair off Shroud Cay and let your kids enjoy floating through the natural waterslide found there.


Deep into the Abacos, on the island of Great Guana Cay resides a gem by the name of Bakers Bay. This prestigious island is only accessible by boat, seaplane or helicopter and golf carts are the only mode of transportation. Courses abound with unparalleled views and colorful bars, Bakers Bay is a favorite destination for visitors. Options abound for bone fishing in Elbow cay, paddle boarding in Green Turtle Cay or just jumping off the swim platform of your luxury yacht for the dive of your life in Man-O-War Cay, the Abacos have it all.



Nassau is the most popular and developed island in the Bahamas. It’s a convenient starting point for many Bahamian adventures down island. But with its world-class casinos, family friendly resorts, colorful local culture, and the exclusive marinas of Lyford Cay and Albany, Nassau is a popular destination of its own. Located in Nassau is Paradise Island, a euphoric escape equipped with water slides through shark tanks, private cabanas, spas, live entertainment and marine habitats, not to mention a Nobu and Starbucks, Paradise island is as diverse as the tourists who flock there annually.

Eleuthera & Harbor Island

Eleuthera & Harbor Island With pineapple fields and pink sand beaches, Eleuthera offers miles of stunning coastlines. Ride in your tender through vast mangroves or go spear fishing for grouper, snapper, lionfish and lobster. Just off Eleuthera lies Harbor Island, an idyllic getaway for the rich and famous, excellent restaurants with jaw dropping views of Harbor Island’s pink sand beaches are not hard to come by on Harbor Island.

Harbor Island


“To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.”
– John Muir

A summer season spent onboard a yacht in Alaska offers an adventure like no other. Be inspired with a sense of wonder surrounded by pristine wilderness, stunning glaciers and fjords, dramatic mountain vistas, and an abundance of wildlife. The window for yachts to cruise in Alaska is short but rewarding. Alaska is bound to take your breath away.

The Inside Passage

The Inside Passage

The Inside Passage Alaska’s Inside Passage is a stretch of scenic coastline just north of the Canadian border that provides the most popular cruising ground for yachts. The area offers idyllic, often solitary, exploration. Whale watching in this area can provide hours of entertainment. Experience the majestic creatures breaking the surface of the tranquil waters with an audible misty “puff”, breeching as they launch themselves skyward, crashing down with a mighty splash, and flashing their iconic tails.

Misty Fjords

This spectacular national monument and wilderness area near Ketchikan is part of the Tongass National Forest. The Tongass is a temperate rainforest that provides a lush green backdrop for long white waterfalls falling directly into salt water. Misty Fjords lives up to its name as you wind your way through thin wisps of mist. The area is a natural mosaic of sea cliffs, steep fjords, and rock walls jutting 3000 feet above sea level.

Misty Fjords

Tracy Arm Fjord

The deep and narrow passage of Tracy Arm Fjord extends over 30 miles and leads to the twin Sawyer glaciers at the end. This passage provides some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll find in Alaska. Cruise past 7,000 foot-tall mountain peaks, active glaciers, brilliant blue icebergs, and native wildlife.


The tiny town of Wrangell makes a great base from which to enjoy all sorts of outdoor adventures. Go spin cast or fly-fishing in the abundant Stikine River or take a guided tour to see Black and Brown Bears feasting on salmon in their natural habitat. The surrounding waterways provide a perfect opportunity for sea kayaking and spotting migratory birds, eagles, sea lions, harbor seals, and whales.

glacier split


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”
-Joseph Conrad

Summer yachting in the Mediterranean is an iconic experience. The Mediterranean provides a rich mix of cultures, cuisines, history, rugged natural beauty and gorgeous water for cruising and playing. Whether you want to indulge in some of the world’s best restaurants, wander through narrow cobbled streets, shop in designer boutiques, or find an isolated cove for a private beach picnic and a day of swimming, the Mediterranean offers it all.



With pristine waters and a rugged landscape, Spain can be recognized as the heart of the Mediterranean. Boaters can enjoy the beautiful landscape, as they eat a paella prepared by their personal chef, or sit in the jacuzzi and watch the day turn to night. Barcelona, the vibrant city of modern art, architecture, beaches, and nightlife has Mallorca is a famous spot in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Barcelona. Boaters are drawn to the island for its medieval architecture, world-class ports, and well-preserved wildlife. Spain lures increasing numbers of yacht owners every year.


Discover all the luxuries that France has to offer. The south of France is one of the most popular destinations for yacht owners worldwide. The elite flock to Nice for its international boat shows and Cannes for its international film festivals. St. Tropez, Juan-les-pins and Antibes provide excellent sunbathing spots only accessible by luxury yachts to sip champagne and gorge on fresh pastries. Sprinkled throughout the French Riviera are Cobblestone streets lined with cafes, galleries, wineries and castles- the ideal combination for a perfect holiday.



Italy is a medley of vibrant culture and proud heritage. In Positano you can feast your eyes on colorful terraced homes, cascading down the landscape. This breathtaking town offers sumptuous fresh seafood, divine local art and eccentric boutiques. With fragrant fresh flowers giving you shade, fresh lemonade quenching your thirst and unparalleled views taking your breath away, Positano is remarkably dreamlike. The Amalfi coast is renowned for its plentiful seaside escapes, Capri is a hotspot, Pompeii is rich with history and Italy in general offers an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. In summer yachts are scattered throughout these storybook locations. Drop anchor and enjoy your surroundings or hit the dock and explore on foot the stunning, diverse and romantic scenery Italy has to offer.


The birthplace of democracy is not just home to a plethora of ancient ruins and olive trees, but ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations. Anchorages in Santorini provide calm private sunset dinners and a multitude of day-excursions. Inland, the bustling city of Athens features famous monuments and archaeological ruins. Enjoy island hopping on the picturesque Greek islands, like Mykonos with powder-white walls and shimmering crystal-clear waters.



Croatia is saturated with picturesque villages and crystal-clear waters. Owners favor cruising from Split, the second largest city in Croatia, a place with ruins dating back to the Roman Empire to Old Dubrovnik with its maze of winding limestone streets surrounded by massive stone walls. In Croatia you will observe clean ports, waterfalls and magnificent rocky coastlines. With over 1000 islands, Croatia is an oasis for swimmers, snorkelers and boaters alike.


“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”
-John F. Kennedy

Traveling through Northern Europe aboard your yacht will be one of the most unique experiences of your life. Europe is home to some of the most breathtaking and iconic scenery in the world. From the comfort of your yacht you can take in idyllic fjords, charming fishing villages, and world class cities. A European adventure is sure to be filled with rich culture, inspiring history, unforgettable cuisine and stunning natural beauty.


Atlantic coasts

From Gibraltar, to Tenerife, Madeira, Azores and Portugal, The Atlantic coasts offer impeccable cruising capabilities. Although Tenerife, the Azores, Madeira and Gibraltar are common stops for yachts to fuel before and after Atlantic crossings, they too offer dramatic geographical scenery and make for incredible destinations of their own. Enjoy tapas on the mountain side in the Azores and pet the monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar. Surf in Tenerife and observe mountain peak cafés in Madeira. Portugal’s Lisbon, has an expansive nautical history and a multitude of sea-themed landmarks to explore. With rolling stretches of beautiful Mediterranean landscape and beautiful anchorages, the Atlantic coasts do not disappoint.

North Sea

Located between the British Isles and Northwestern Europe, the North Sea has long been a staple in Europe’s history. On the Eastern side Norway and Sweden provide jaw dropping landscapes, steep mountains and numerous uninhabited islands. With countless sheltered areas to anchor and impeccable lamb and seafood options, the Nordic countries do not disappoint. To the East is the United Kingdom where you can enjoy a stout at a pub in a myriad of bustling cities and quaint villages.

north sea


Complete with an abundance of harbors and inland and coastal archipelagos, Scandinavia is an idyllic setting for yachting. Historically, Scandinavian seafarers sailed through the Baltic Sea, but today only avid adventure seekers and passionate explorers observe the natural beauties there. A Scandinavian adventure could include the cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Bergen as well as countless inlets and coves to explore. Norway has more than 1000 Fjords that were created upwards of a thousand years ago. Dotted with lush forests, small scenic villages, and snow capped mountains with flowing waterfalls, the fjords encompass views you won’t easily forget. Only few yacht owners chose to explore this region, but those who dare to, create unforgettable memories.


For those adventurous souls willing to venture all the way to the eastern shores of the Baltic, the baroque city of Saint Petersburg is richly rewarding. Tender through the city’s many canals to take in the colorful sites and architecture. Sample caviar, stroll along the peaceful shore of the Baltic Sea, and take in the Hermitage, the Winter Palace of the Czars. Its hard to imagine a more unique and culturally vibrant destination to visit from the comfort and luxury of a yacht.



“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

South of Miami, the Florida Keys has been forever immortalized in the novels of Earnest Hemingway and the ballads of Jimmy Buffet. The Keys are a short jaunt from mainland South Florida and offer a top destination for visitors of all ages.

Key Largo

Key Largo

Key Largo is the largest area of the keys, famous for its world-class fishing and coral reefs. Annually thousands of divers and boaters are drawn to this colorful town. With options for fresh stone crab at beachfront eateries and an abundance of perfectly kitschy dive bars, Key Largo remains a hot spot for all who love the ocean. Nearby is the legendary private Ocean Reef Club, a 175-slip marina with championship golf, tennis courts, oceanfront pools, spas, restaurants and lounges. In addition to amenities you can enjoy reef fishing, bone fishing, back country fishing and deep-sea sport fishing.

Key West

Famous for its colorful characters and free-spirited vibe, Key West offers endless opportunities for fun in the sun. Honored novelist and adventurer Ernest Hemingway once resided here in an attempt to escape ordinary society. Key West has gained worldwide attention for its expansive beaches, unique history and world-class fishing of yellow fish tuna, marlin and countless other varieties.

Key West
Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas

Enjoy beautiful sunsets fade to star filled nights in the beautiful Dry Tortugas. Snorkel or scuba dive shipwrecks and sunken cargo with perfect visibility. These Keys are home to sea turtles, birds and colorful and lively coral reefs. With hot temperatures and incredible scenery, Dry Tortugas is a hub for boaters worldwide.


“Traveling leaves you speechless then it turns you into a storyteller”
-Ibn Battuta

The West Coast of the US and Central America offers an adventure to be remembered. From the Pacific Northwest to the Panama Canal, a trip along the West Coast rewards adventurous souls with a stunning range of scenery and experiences. You can expect everything from wild and rugged coastlines, picture perfect beaches, an abundance of wildlife, world class fishing, and some of the best wineries and restaurants in the world.



While cruising through the Panama Canal, guests are enticed to wade through over 300 islands and cays. The majority of the stunning islands are largely uninhabited and make for an idyllic exclusive stay for those who prefer privacy. San Blas is governed and home to an indigenous tribe, Guna, who continue to live in palm leaf covered dwellings, sport delicately embellished traditional attire and travel exclusively via canoe. Purchase anything from a coconut to a handwoven blanket as the friendly locals paddle alongside your boat. Cruise through this beautiful archipelago or find yourself a private island and set up a beach BBQ with family and friends.

Costa Rica

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is popular due to its incredible array of lush green tropical forests, pristine beaches, active volcanoes and wonderful array of wildlife. Enjoy fresh papaya for breakfast on the bow of your yacht while listening to howler monkey’s distinctive call in the distance. Take a magical late-night dip in a phosphorescent bay or surf the world class break at Witch’s Rock. With a strikingly diverse terrain, yacht owners can enjoy the seemingly limitless adventures that Costa Rica offers. Zip-line through the rainforest canopy, relax on secluded beaches, raft white water rapids, soak in hot springs and sample fresh chocolate and coffee from plantations perched on green mountain sides.

costa rica


Californian’s love to boast that the West Coast is the best coast due to its favorable weather conditions year-round, colorful sunsets and spellbinding landscapes. Locations like San Diego and Catalina Island offer perfect visibility for diving unspoiled wrecks and ample restaurants overlooking the water with mouthwatering dishes. Rub shoulder with the rich and famous in Newport Beach or travel downwards southward to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for pristine white sand beaches, artisanal treasures, tacos and tequila. Cruise north to San Francisco and take in the coastal sights and sounds of fisherman’s wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge or travel inland to enjoy some of the best wine regions in the world. What better way to explore the West Coast than in the comfort of your own private luxury yacht?

Pacific Northwest

Seattle offers multiple marinas to meet your boating needs. Enjoy Dungeness crab the city’s iconic coffee as you make your way through the famous Pike’s Place Market. From Seattle make your way to the idyllic San Juan Island between Washington State and Vancouver Island. A trip to the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t be complete without kayaking through this spectacular archipelago. Victoria Harbor on Vancouver Island has been regarded as one of the most beautiful harbors in the world and inland, Victoria is peppered with national parks. Offshore you are treated to an abundant display of orcas, porpoises and humpback whales. A yachting trip in the Pacific Northwest combines the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure.

Pacific Northwest


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”
-Susan Sontag

The sparkling Caribbean Sea is dotted with beautiful islands surrounded by clear blue water. There is no better way to explore this colorful and tranquil world than on a yacht of your own. The Caribbean offers endless locations brimming with rainbow colored tropical fish, shimmering turquoise waters and unwavering warmth, making the region one of the most beautiful places in the world. The tranquil water, stunning beaches, laid-back vibe and reggae music will sweep you up in a state of blissful relaxation.

eastern caribbean

Eastern Caribbean

The Eastern Caribbean is a medley of vibrant cultures ranging from St. Maarten, to St.Barts, Barbuda, Dominica and Martinique. St.Maarten is a sun soaked island nestled in the eastern Caribbean that marries Caribbean, Dutch and French culture. With world-class zip lining, unspoiled reefs, quality casinos and a rugged tropical landscape, St. Maarten stands out. St. Baarts is a French speaking Caribbean island that is a favorite destination for yachts. Designer boutiques, live music and fine-dining French-Caribbean restaurants line the cobblestone streets. Barbuda, Dominica and Martinique are also nearby destinations. Barbuda is home to 62 square miles of undeveloped islands, perfect for a private escape on your yacht. Dominica and Martinique are yachting destinations that are significantly less visited, although they too offer vast sugar-white sand beaches, glitzy resort towns and tiny villages untouched by time.

Southern Caribbean

Southern Caribbean With remarkable culinary feats and rich cultural diversity, Trinidad is also home to a jubilant festival known as Carnival. Annually tourists fly in from across the globe to dwell in the impressive feat, with colorful, flamboyant and risqué costumes and endless dancing throughout the streets. Trinidad is filled to the brim with culture and its sister island, Tobago, consists of crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches and incredible diving. Nearby is beautiful Barbados, where the hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles call home. Whether you would prefer swimming with turtles or hitting the local fish-fry, Barbados has a little something for everyone. To the west is Martinique, the Paris of the Caribbean. St. Lucia, a part of a chain of volcanic islands, famous for its twin volcanic peaks, “The Pitons”, rejuvenating mud springs and natural hot pools. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a compilation of islands and cays equipped with rainforest eco adventures and powder-white sand beaches. Together these countries make the southern Caribbean a vast and unforgettable destination.

Southern Caribbean


Colorful well-kept homes and pink sandy beaches make Bermuda a dream destination. Bermuda is stacked with breathtaking coral reefs, plenty of shipwrecks to dive and underwater caves to explore. This fish hooked shaped archipelago has long been a favorite vacation spot for the elite. Affluent tourists throughout the decades have flown in to indulge in golf, work on their tans and sip cocktails whilst rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.


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