“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

The correlation between travel and happiness is clear. We here at AYS are strong ambassadors of traveling and what it can do for your mindset. Life is complicated, but traveling does not have to be. With your own creature comforts in tow and crew waiting on you hand and foot, yachts make exploring easy. You are able to properly immerse yourself in the destination when you don’t have to fret over semantics. With fuel in the tanks, a captain at the helm, pantries stocked to the gills with your favorite food by your personal chef, and stewardesses fixing you a drink, your only job is to relax. Disconnect and recharge your batteries on the best coast, an area so diverse and divine you may never want to leave.


Landscapes don’t gain reputation without merit, and British Columbia is no different. This Canadian treasure is filled with vast ancient forests, snow-capped mountains, relatively isolated wilderness, and extremely natural beauty. Some favorable stops along the coast include Vancouver Island, a bustling metropolitan complete with jaw dropping suspension bridges, ziplining over treetops, fresh inexpensive seafood and a massive craft beer scene. Close by is Pender Island, a common stopover spot for boats before long exposed legs, in the Strait of Georgia, a body of water that divides Vancouver Island from the mainland. Nestled against steep mountains, Pender Island offers lush coves, and scenic kayaking capabilities. South of Pender Island is Victoria, a picturesque spot filled with beautiful beaches, natural waterfalls, and multiple pods of killer whales. Nearby are dozens of beautiful anchorages by a maze of uninhabited and charming islands, national parks, inlets, bays and ample untouched scenery perfect for hiking or fishing.


The state of Washington is home to an abundance of heavenly scenery. Dock in the quaint town of Anacortes Washington and cruise through protected waters in a moderate cozy climate. Skirting the Canadian border are the San Juan islands, a diverse archipelago complete with a flourishing wildlife. This world-renowned boating destination offers plenty of moorings, and over 14 county docks and marinas. Hike on Lopez island, go horseback riding or fishing on Orcas island, and kayak on San Juan Island. If you grow tired of island hopping, head south to the emerald city of Seattle. Sandwiched between the Cascade mountain range and Puget sound, Seattle is home to gourmet food, incredible cafes for coffee aficionados, and lush evergreen forests.


Oregon is recognized as having one of the most abundant and diverse ecosystems in America. The crown jewel of Oregon is the Columbia River, composed of dozens of islands, anchorages, charming ports and marinas. This pacific northwest river twists between Oregon and Washington state has a unique and dramatic landscape. The Columbia empties into a small port city, Astoria. Astoria was the first American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains and today it serves as an iconic fishing location. Overflowing with Salmon, Steelhead and Tuna, this location is perfect for avid fisherman. Inland, enjoy mushroom hunting, cycling and world-class hikes and trails.


Saturated with rolling hills, stunning coastlines and picturesque beaches, California is the perfect yachting destination. Start your voyage in northern California and travel inland to Redwoods National Park. Being in the presence of giants can be a humbling experience, and the redwood forest is home to Hyperion, the world’s tallest living tree. After your trip to the forest, take a detour to Napa County, an esteemed location for wine lovers. Post tastings head south to the city of San Francisco. Cruise underneath the famous Golden gate bridge and circle the historic Alcatraz island. Stop and admire the rugged stretch of seaside cliffs on the coast between Big Sur and Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara wineries produce award winning Pinot Noirs. After a tasting, explore the channel islands before you dock in Newport and get your fill of world-famous cuisine. Continue your adventure to San Onofre, a surf spot so beautiful the beach boys mentioned it in a ballad. End your California dream vacation in San Diego, a charming city filled with high end boutiques and fresh seafood.


Mexico is a favorite boating destination due to its tropical climate, crystal clear water and prized game fishing. Go off-roading in Baja, enjoy street tacos in Cancun, snorkel beautiful reefs in Playa del Carmen and buy local art in Puerto Vallarta. Wherever you go in Mexico, you will be greeted with warm smiles and idyllic shorelines. Mexico is a yachting playground and a favorite oasis amongst boaters worldwide.


Panama is the perfect destination for history fanatics, wildlife enthusiasts, and fishing aficionados. With locals paddling towards you in canoes lined with beautiful handmade crafts and an abundance of fresh fish and natural beauty, Panama seems otherworldly. If you are interested in somewhere a little less rural, Panama city is a bustling urban epicenter with options for upscale romantic grills and low-key seaside family friendly restaurants. Panama is rich with history, including the panama canal. What started as a grandiose idea to connect the Atlantic with the Pacific oceans, now serves as an intricate system of locks and a groundbreaking engineering feat utilized by yachts and ships daily.


Costa Rica is home to over 60 dormant and active volcanoes. The result is ample hot springs for spa enthusiasts and colossal sights for your viewing pleasure. Fresh homegrown coffee, wild monkeys, and world-class surf, separate Costa Rica from the rest. Marina Papagayo is a naturally protected, full-service harbor complete with a golf course, beach house, and miles of biking and hiking trails perfect for the adventurous cruiser. Costa Rica’s well-preserved sandy beaches, gorgeous waterfalls and turquoise waters make it a captivating country to explore by yacht.


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