“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -Confucius

With the busyness of daily life, it’s easy to miss out on the potential experiences, memories, and moments that help define us. At work, you may be the boss, but on the road or out at sea, you become a student. By leaving your familiar surroundings, and diving into the unknown, into an area with practices and languages that differ from yours, you grow as an individual. Traveling, in general, is a blessing but traveling on a yacht is the ultimate luxury. Yachts help make the distinction between traveling and being a tourist. By going to locations only accessible by boat, and entering unchartered territories, you’ll avoid the crowds, and enjoy your surroundings from the most esteemed vantage point.


The French Riviera has long been popular amongst the elite and caters as a playground for the rich and famous. Oversee the prestigious spectacle of the Monaco Grand Prix, from the comfort of your own swim platform. As dusk turns to dawn, bask in the glimmering sights the Monaco coastline beholds or try your hand in the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino. Nearby, Nice is rich with culture and history. Enjoy a niçoise salad and aperitif for lunch on the glamorous private beach – Plage Beau Rivage. Or head to Antibes, a colorful destination renowned for jazz music and vivacious nightlife. Nearby, is the world-famous St. Tropez, a coastal town popular for its beaches and celebrity status. Cannes too is a stunning resort town, home to the Cannes international film festival and complete with picturesque marinas.


The Amalfi coast needs little introduction. This rugged coastline sprinkled with candy-colored houses welcomes the world’s most elegant seafarers. Anchor in the bay by Conca Dei Marini, a quaint village that offers, handmade ceramics, an emerald grotto, and divine fresh seafood. This vertical town overlooks crystal clear water, perfect for kayaking and swimming. Another lesser-known but equally beautiful location is Praiano. This panoramic seaside escape is a highlight of the Amalfi coast. Sip rose with friends or hop on the jet skis with your kids to explore this jaw-dropping landscape.


Nestled in the Italian Riviera is Portofino, this small fishing village doubles as a ritzy holiday resort and is a popular yachting destination. Portofino is famous for incredible snorkeling and diving sites offshore, plus chic boutiques and dramatic scenery onshore. This rustic and elegant location offers delicious gourmet cuisine, wine tasting on terraced vineyards, and a picturesque harbor.


Quaint cobblestone streets and pastel-hued homes create the perfect ambiance in Corsica. The island is overflowing with striking volcanic terrain, protected reefs, stunning bays, and beautiful mountains. Wedged in-between the French Riviera and Sardinia, Corsica is referred to as the “scented island” due to the fragrant floral aroma enveloping the entire fortress town. Bonifacio is one of the best-kept secrets in France, complete with lively marinas and white limestone cliffs overlooking beautiful turquoise waters. Wrecks and ancient pirate ships are submerged nearby, making Bonifacio a mecca for divers. Close to Bonifacio is Porto Vecchio, this harbor town has an impressive lagoon-like marina, provides idyllic dockage, has ample beaches and serves as a hotspot for yacht owners worldwide.


Sardinia is characterized as the “Emerald Coast”. This highly celebrated yachting destination is a maze of streets, piazzas, markets, restaurants, and high-end boutiques. Located in Sardinia is Porto Cervo Marina, a welcoming port with a charming atmosphere and dramatic views. Enjoy miles of white sand beaches, scenic trails, and restaurants with beautiful sights on this historic island. Sip an Aperol spritz on your swim platform or dive off the top deck into the crystal-clear water of Sardinia.


Spain is known as the heart of the Mediterranean. Containing some of the best beaches in the world, Spain is an extremely famous summer holiday destination for cruisers. Palma, Mallorca’s capital city is home to beautiful Gothic cathedrals, jaw-dropping palaces, and a rich, although turbulent history. Mallorca itself is both vibrant and memorable with its forested hills, lush green valleys, and stunning anchorages. Further south are the Balearic Islands, littered with natural harbors and marinas. South West of the picturesque islands lies Ibiza, an island renowned for its incredible music scene and nightlife. Not often discussed are the glorious bays and anchorages a stone’s throw away in Formentera. Whether you are interested in beautiful sunsets, chic restaurants or just spending quality time with your loved ones, Spain has it all.


Greece is dotted with beautiful beaches and a plethora of secluded coves. Regarded as the birthplace of democracy, this historic country is best explored by yacht. Greece is adorned with lovely whitewashed houses, an eccentric nightlife, and divine cuisine. Anchor off of Mykonos and explore the mainland rich with ancient history, or cruise throughout the Greek isles and witness glorious sun-drenched beaches. Anchor off of Santorini and watch the sunset behind winding streets and hilltop villages. Inland sample gyros, fresh pomegranates, and roasted lamb at seaside restaurants.


Croatia is complete with sheltered bays, dazzling beaches, and large islands showcasing thousands of years of architecture and art. Croatia is home to numerous coastal havens only accessible by yacht. After cruising through some of Croatia’s 700 islands, drop anchor under the glimmering stars. When you travel by yacht, you get to island-hop without having to deal with the hassles of packing and unpacking.


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