Aspire Yacht Sales was founded in 2020 by John Booysen, one of the most respected brokers in the field. Having spent 27 years in yachting, watching it evolve from a niche, relatively unknown pastime into the global industry it is today, John recognized the need for a fresh, innovative, customer-centric approach to yacht sales.

John’s mission has always been to provide the ultimate in customer service both before and after the sale and ultimately to ensure that your experience of owning and enjoying your yacht is everything you hope it will be, and more. John possesses a strong set of core values- integrity, honesty, and responsibility. These principles inform every decision at Aspire where we hope to become your trusted source of information and aim to provide a more wholesome experience for our clients.

Since 2001, John has been assisting clients from around the world through the process of buying and selling yachts. With over 150 transactions exceeding 100 million dollars in total sales, whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade to your next dream yacht, Aspire can usher you seamlessly through the process. Utilizing our decades of experience combined with knowledge of the operation of a vessel, as well as our comprehensive list of preferred vendors, AYS can assist you through the entire purchase process and beyond. 

John first fell in love with the experience of being at sea when he sailed from Cape Town, South Africa to the Bahamas on a 60ft Catamaran. Since then, he has traveled all over the world as both a yacht captain and a broker. These experiences ignited in him a passion for the ocean and a deep appreciation of the experiences that can only be had onboard a yacht. John’s goal is to spark that same feeling in others. 

At AYS we know that yachting offers a lifestyle that is unlike anything else. It provides the finest experience of being at sea that one can achieve. It is the mission of John Booysen and everyone at Aspire to ensure that you fall in love with yachting and that your time spent enjoying your yacht and the incredible experiences you’ll share onboard are maximized to their fullest potential.

John Booysen

John Booysen

As a member of the boating / yachting world for the past 50 years I have the experience to help you navigate through the web of buying or selling a new or used boat / yacht which can be overwhelming.

Using the latest tools to find exactly what you require is my expertise. Video walk throughs and 360-degree video, drone shots are some examples of technology we use to list and market your boat.

Many factors determine your decision to buy or sell. I’ll cut through the noise to find several choices available in the market. Both local and worldwide.

I know your time spent on the water should be safe, fun and carefree. My passion is the joy of boating and sharing that with as many families as I can.

I will provide you top notch customer service to get the right vessel matched to your needs. Your buying experience will be the top-level experience you deserve.


  • United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Capt. Credential (OUPV),
  • Yacht Broker. Experienced in both yacht operation and sales.
  • 50 years on the water.
  • Sales Professional.

Gregg Adair

Gregg Adair

Born and raised in Knysna, South Africa in the region of the Garden Route, Verdes found solitude by the sea, being exposed to the Indian Ocean. Having a life-long passion of all things nautical and for boating, he truly enjoys life on the water.

In 2011, Verdes moved to the US to seek more opportunities in yachting that would lead him to crewing on a Pershing Yacht. His travels would take him to the Bahamas and in 2012 up and down the US eastern seaboard, from Florida to Maine. It was in Newport, Rhode Island that he joined a 110 foot Hatteras and later a custom build, 114 foot Burger Yacht that he would work his way up as a Deckhand to Captain with a crew of five. He has captained the 114 foot Burger yacht, overseeing many yard periods including a million dollar refit in addition to managing a fleet of nine other boats. 

Verdes has earned his 500-ton US Cost Guard Masters License, logging over 35,000 nautical miles of experience. His experience prior to yacht brokering includes operating his boat marine business in delivering yachts and managing various boat projects.

He has a straight-forward sincere approach in seeing that his clients’ experience is the best it can be from start to finish. He is looking for his clients to have a positive experience as a first-time boat owner or a boat owner looking to upgrade. He will go the extra mile to see that his clients are confident in their new purchase or listing. 

Verdes Terblanche

Verdes Terblanche

Captain Marcus Armenta

Marcus is a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) veteran with 21 years of active service. During his USCG tenure he served as an Engineer on ships up to 378’ (115m), as a small boat Engineer, Crew and Operator, and completed two tours as a USCG Training Instructor (Small Boat Operations & Engineering Technical School). In addition, since leaving the USCG Marcus has been in the marine and yachting industry for nearly 13 years. This experience includes working as a Safety Director and FSO/CSO for a maritime company with multiple locations and 28 vessels, working yacht refit projects, and founding & operating his own boat services company. 

Marcus has an Associate’s degree from Thomas Edison University, and currently holds a U.S. Coast Guard 100-ton Near Coastal Masters License.  

Although Marcus grew up in the desert in Tucson, Arizona, his love of the water and boats started on lakes and has progressively grown through his years on the ocean landing him in Ft Lauderdale and the Florida Keys.  He has owned multiple boats of various size over the years, lived aboard a classic 1968 Hatteras 50’ motor yacht for over 5-years, operated small charter vessels and spent thousands of days on the water. 

Now Marcus is putting his love of the water, passion for boating, and his Engineering and Captain experience into helping others realize their passion for boating and love of the water too! Whether you are selling your boat, a first-time buyer, or looking to upgrade to your next dream yacht, Marcus puts his 30+ years of experience to work for you and provides guidance every step of the way. 

Marcus Armenta

Marcus Armenta

Growing up near Canada in the San Juan Islands located in the Pacific Northwest, Amy was surrounded by water and boats that she would find a sincere connection with. She lived on the water from a young age, including her sailboat while attending college. Her solo travels would begin at the age of sixteen to study abroad in Germany and she would later return home to the islands in her early twenties. It was at this time that her entrepreneurial spirit would land her into her successful boat detailing and brightwork restoration (varnishing) business. It was with her skilled craftsmanship that she became recognized for her exceptional artistic abilities in wood refinishing, an amazing eye for attention to detail, and an impeccable dedication to hard work.

It was later that she naturally gravitated into the role as yacht crew in positions as First Mate, Chief Stew, and Deck-Stew; assisting with boat charters in her local waters of the San Juan Islands and into the west coast of Canada. Amy would later take the opportunity to be based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to work full time as yacht crew on motor yachts cruising the waters of the east coast of the United States, including New York, Rhode Island and Florida Keys, to Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Passionate in all she pursues, Amy is genuine and true with a drive like no other. She is a perfectionist at heart and therefore the details are important to her. She does not shy away from challenges and seeks solutions, always looking for the most positive outcome. She has a solid work ethic that her dedicated commitment leads to not only her success but success for her clients. Her professionalism is stellar and her enthusiasm for her client’s success is unbeatable. She is experienced in yachting and proficient in her approach to yacht sales. Amy values her client relationships and consistently strives to attain the highest in client satisfaction. 

Amy Terblanche

Amy Terblanche

Angel Guzman

Angel Guzman

Fort Lauderdale

1728 N Dixie Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305



At AYS we know that yachting offers a lifestyle that is unlike anything else. It provides the finest experience of being at sea that one can achieve. It is the mission of John Booysen and everyone at Aspire to ensure that you fall in love with yachting and that your time spent enjoying your yacht and the incredible experiences you’ll share onboard are maximized to their fullest potential.


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