“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.” – Stephen Covey

Yachting symbolizes freedom and adventure, and there is no better place to experience the freedom and pleasure that your own private yacht can give you than on the East Coast of the United States. The Eastern coastline encompasses Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and many other fantastic locations, allowing you to experience the majesty of big cities combined with the charm of small towns.

South Florida is a yacht enthusiasts dream, while the New England coastline is a world-renowned yachting destination, and an ideal summer getaway. While natural beauty is in no short supply along the Atlantic coastline, there are also numerous urban and historical attractions that can captivate the whole family. The Atlantic coast is home to some of the most delicious and unique foods such as Florida stone crab, succulently prepared Maine lobster, and the famous New England clam chowder.

An American East Coast yachting experience is one with endless possibilities. You can dictate the sights and experiences you want to have. With so many quaint towns and bustling cities to explore and enjoy along the way, take a closer look at some of the notable attractions that you can make a part of your adventure.



Famous for its vibrant nightlife, glistening white sand beaches, rich mix of Latin and Caribbean culture, and world class cuisine, Miami is one of the hottest destinations not just in the US, but in the world.

Visitors to Miami by yacht will be treated to clear blue water as they cruise offshore or through the protected Biscayne Bay. Like its neighbor Fort Lauderdale to the north, Miami is a water-centric city that features an elaborate network of inland waterways. Boaters are treated to views and access that are simply not possible by land.

Some of the most popular destinations in Miami include South Beach with its international eclectic vibe, the arts district of Wynwood adorned with hand painted murals and street art, and the historic neighborhoods of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables which are rich with old Florida charm.

No matter which areas you choose to explore in Miami, you’ll have an abundance of culinary, musical, and cultural offerings to indulge in.

fort lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale has been dubbed “The Yachting Capital of the World” for good reason. The area is home to a billion dollar marine industry and also hosts the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the largest event of its kind. Every year more than 100,000 people attend “FLIBS” which features 3 million square feet of exhibition space and thousands of boats on display of all sizes. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is a must attend event for any yachting enthusiast.

In addition to its expansive yachting industry, Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination in its own right and serves as an ideal home port for yachts large and small. Fort Lauderdale is blessed with stunning beaches but it’s the inland waterways that really make the city unique. The beauty of Fort Lauderdale truly unfolds when you explore it by water. From the glittering marinas along the intracoastal waterway, to the impressive mansions that line the New River, to the thousands of restaurants and other points of interest that can be accessed via the deep water canals that criss cross their way across Fort Lauderdale, the city is truly a waterfront paradise.

Fort Lauderdale also makes a convenient jumping off point for adventures that await further to the south including Miami, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

new york city


Visiting New York city by sea offers a truly unique perspective of the iconic city. The waters around NYC are begging to be explored. From your yacht, you can comfortably experience an almost private tour of the Hudson River, exploring upper and lower Manhattan.

The sunlight hitting the concrete and glass skyscrapers is truly a sight to behold at sunrise and sunset, creating a romantic atmosphere which can be enjoyed with a delicious breakfast or dinner on board your yacht, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Popular ports and marinas include the Mitchell Park Marina, Danfords Marina, and Marinemax Manhattan. You can expect to find luxury amenities that will serve to improve your experience and enjoyment of NYC. Once docked, the city’s rich atmosphere and nightlife can be a welcomed experience after the tranquility of a day out at sea.

The Hamptons


The string of seaside communities known as The Hamptons is an affluent area that is home to many NYC residents. The stretch of water along eastern Long Island’s South Fork is a popular summer retreat, known throughout the world. It is a place where anything feels possible. Extravagance and luxury are in no short supply in nearly every location such as Shelter Island, Plum Island, Cedar Point, and Orient Point.

The unspoiled beauty of The Hamptons can be a magical experience on board your luxury yacht. Planning your trip around a special event such as the 4th of July can allow you to witness the celebration while enjoying a relaxing dining experience on board your yacht.

Of course, docking your yacht at one of the luxury marinas, such as Hampton Bays Marina or Three Mile Harbor Marina, can allow you to take a dive into everything that makes The Hamptons special.

Spend a morning golfing at the famous Shinnecock Golf Club or taste the fresh offerings of the Atlantic sea at one of the many world-class restaurants. The Hamptons also offers great activities for wine lovers, such as wine tasting at the Wölffer Estate, where you can taste some of the best wine that local vineyards offer.



Newport Rhode Island is known as the “City by the Sea” and is well worth visiting on your journey along New England’s coastline. From picturesque lighthouses to the opulent historic mansions that hint at the region’s expansive past, Newport has a rich culture that can expand your trip experience.

The main marinas where you can safely dock include the Newport Yachting Center Marina, Went Wind Marina, and Newport Marina. Explore the culture at attractions such as The Redwood Library and Athenæum, which is the oldest library of its kind, or the Newport Art Museum. The architecture of many of the buildings in the area is truly majestic and expansive.



A side of Boston that few are lucky enough to see is Boston by water. From the harbor to the river, you can experience the beautiful cherry trees when they go into bloom as you meander through the waterways with ducks gently floating by. The natural beauty combined with the colorful architecture is best viewed from the dancing reflections that the lights create on the water as the sun gently sets in the west.

Of course, no trip to Boston is complete without enjoying one of the many famous dishes that Boston is known for such as the famous clam chowder, cannolis, fish and chips, and lobster rolls.

marthas vineyard


As you travel south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard greets you with all its charm and splendor as the gingerbread houses line the coast. It’s easy to see why Martha’s Vineyard has become such a popular summer vacation spot. It’s a place where you’re sure to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

The Oak Bluff Campground is one of the many attractions in the area. You’ll discover classic carousels, historical houses, and a range of boutiques. To enjoy the bounty of the sea, the Menemsha and Larsen fish markets offer an experience of local life and delicious seafood.



Nantucket is a small, quaint town that can be a welcomed surprise as you make your way along the New England coast line. The population grows five-fold during the summer months as travelers flock to experience the unique town.

Don’t be surprised to wake up to find the landscape blanketed in a magical fog as whales breach the surface nearby. A truly unforgettable experience to have on board your yacht as you enjoy a morning coffee.



The coastal resort town known as Provincetown is home to many famous artists and is a place where artists from all walks of life gather. It is on the site of the 1620 Mayflower landing. Its vibrant culture welcomes all, and art galleries housing deeply expressive art can be found lining the streets.

As you near Provincetown, the unmistakable Pilgrim Monument stands proudly overlooking the town. The area is well worth a visit if you enjoy arts and culture and want to explore the inclusive, rich history of the area.

cape code


One of the first things you’ll notice about Cape Cod is the rustic, unique architecture that invites a quiet peaceful experience. The breathtaking views draw not only tourists to the area, but also a wealth of sea life and seabirds. There is no better way to experience the abundant life that the coast holds than on board your private yacht.

The coastline is filled with quaint villages between the flowing sand dunes along Cape Cod Bay. Be sure to have your camera ready to take once-in-a-lifetime pictures as you explore the winding coves and bays – it draws photographers from around the world to try to capture the ever-flowing beauty of the serene area.



Maine offers an expansive and dramatic coastline. The waters are rich with life and Maine accounts for as much as 90% of the country’s lobster supply. You can think of no better place to enjoy a fresh lobster – either prepared on board your yacht or at one of the many fine dining restaurants that accentuate the delicious taste of the dish.

The landscape is diverse, interrupted only by the many beautiful lighthouses. It is an excellent place to explore deeper inland via kayaks and tours of the lush landscape that holds many wild animals including moose.

Exploring New England by yacht is perhaps one of the greatest boating experiences to be had in the world. The diverse beauty that both the urban and natural environments offer in the summertime can make for a trip of a lifetime.


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