Buying or selling a yacht is a significant and consequential event in your life. You should feel confident that you have a team of seasoned experts to help advise you every step of the way. At AYS, we promise to provide you with the quality expertise you have the right to expect. In order to achieve a timely sale, your yacht must be marketed at the correct asking price. John Booysen applies his nearly 3 decades of experience, his unwavering commitment to staying on top of current market trends, and his proprietary access to key sales data (both historic and current) to help advise you on the best price for your yacht. With John’s unmatched expert knowledge of the product, as well as a perfectly targeted price point, we can turn our expertise into achieving the result of selling your yacht and getting you the right return on your investment.


Aspire Yachts Sales’ marketing plan is designed to attract buyers. It’s our job to position, price, market and sell your yacht, and we take that seriously. When marketing and advertising get activated and reach the masses, they attract the right people and communicate a powerful message about your yacht. Aspire Yachts Sales has a 24/7 omnichannel marketing approach that never stops. You’ll see us in full force at major boat shows, on Google, Social Media, email, YouTube, in yachting magazines, MLS, blogs, digital ads, and more. AYS captures vital market and user data as well as digital insights to help effectively market and sell your yacht as quickly as possible.


Your vessel will be professionally photographed inside and out by the best in the business. We will also shoot aerial drone footage and create a 360-degree virtual tour. Composing gorgeous images of your yacht allows us to display your vessel in high-quality detail for listings and advertisements which will be distributed in print and online.


To reach the largest digital audience possible, your yacht will be featured in all the relevant social media platforms on a regular basis including Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Your yacht will be included in AYS’ daily email listings which are sent to tens of thousands of email contacts including boat owners, brokers, and people actively in the market for a yacht.


Your yacht’s images and specifications will be displayed prominently on the Aspire website. It will be in regular rotation as a featured yacht there as well as the subject of frequent blog posts.


With Aspire you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your yacht at all the top shows and events including The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, The Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, and The Palm Beach Boat Show. At boat shows, our brokers are able to speak with potential buyers and brokers first-hand to answer questions in detail and highlight all of your vessel’s best features.


Our results-driven full-service marketing team is closely aligned with AYS’s world-class brokerage sales team. Together, they fuel our highly collaborative strategy from the first customer-connect opportunities to ongoing collaboration with customer nurture and outreach campaigns, to final close, and after sale engagement and service. AYS sales and marketing is a finely tuned engine designed to sell yachts. That’s what we do best!

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Being represented by a broker who is an experienced captain provides a tremendous advantage. Our brokers know yachts inside and out. They can speak to your yacht’s specifications and performance from experience, they can answer questions and explain every aspect of your boat to potential buyers. A broker who doesn’t know yachts firsthand is unlikely to be able to sell it when talking to customers and other brokers.

AYS brokers are seasoned at marketing themselves and exceptionally well connected in the industry. You can rest assured AYS brokers will offer genuine expertise, customer service and professional yacht representation with every listing. Your yacht will certainly stand out above the rest.


Every yacht broker is on, but not every brokerage has the ability to advertise the way we do. Every AYS brokerage listing on YachtWorld is a “premier listing” which means it gets larger photos, a larger placement on the search results page, and exponentially more people clicking on your ad.

AYS has an unprecedented level of exposure on the world’s top yacht brokerage website. Every boat listed with AYS goes into the YachtWorld MLS system, which means your vessel will not only display on YachtWorld, but every other major brokerage company website in America.


We’re happy to answer any questions